Monday, December 13, 2010

Jackson's 4th Birthday

Jackson's 4th birthday was on September 13th. The day before his birthday, we released balloons at the cemetery in celebration of Jackson. Unfortunately, one of the balloons popped right after we got there, so we tied the popped balloon to two others, and let Kylee release one herself. Not what I planned, but that is ok. :)

While we were at the cemetery, Lincoln talked with me about his grandpa's conversation with President Hinckley about our situation...and President Hinckley's assurance that Jackson would be ours. We had already received a personal witness of this, but it was so special for us to learn of the prophet's confirmation as well. I love talking with Lincoln about the amazing things that happened to us right after we had Jackson. This was just one of those memories that we will have with us forever.

It was a beautiful day & I loved spending time with my family and remembering how Jackson has touched all of our lives.

Lincoln giving Kylee her balloon to release...
Trying to eat it instead...
Happy birthday Jackson!
Kylee watching the balloons in the sky...
My eternal family...
The few days before this were kind of rough, but Jackson's actual birthday went well. I have two friends who call me every single year on Jackson's birthday and talk with me about him and what happened. It is the most thoughtful thing and makes me feel so loved. This year, I also had three other friends let me know that they were thinking about me on his birthday, plus my sister gave me a sweet gift, and my parents had us over for cake & ice cream to celebrate Jackson. 

Jackson's birthdays are hard, but they help me remember everything that I learned on that day, 4 years ago. I became a mother that day, grew so much as a person, and my relationship with Lincoln took on new meaning. I felt pure, Christlike love from so many people around me, and felt their compassion, sympathy, and sadness. It was a very unique, sacred, spiritual time for me. 

I miss Jackson more than I can explain, but I am so happy that he gets to be where he is. He's a special little boy and I feel so privileged to be his mother.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Blog Gift...

This past Easter, a girl named Michelle (who we've never met) wrote angel baby's names on Easter eggs & took individual pictures for the parents, then posted them on her blog. I was touched that Michelle would think of Jackson & our family in this way. Click here to view the blog that she keeps in memory of her little boy. Thank you Michelle.

Pictures from the Past Year

Here are our pictures from the past year. Obviously, we still think of Jackson often & we love him. The Snowflake Cemetery is peace on earth for me. I know that most people who lose loved ones, don't consider their loved one's grave the place where they feel closest to them...but I do. Visiting Jackson's grave helps me to remember that I have an angel waiting for me. I am in love with this beautiful place.
Lincoln & Anjane'
August 2009

Linc taking care of Jackson's headstone
August 2009
Kylee's 1st visit to cemetery
September 2009

Our nephew Jayten at Jackson's grave
(They share a birthday)
September 2009
Kylee 3 months old
October 2009

Anjane' & Kylee
October 2009
Kylee with lamb
(Her lamb matches the one that Jackson was buried with)
October 2009

December 2009

Anjane' & Kylee 7 months old
February 2010

Kylee 1 year old
July 2010

July 2010