Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jackson's 1st Birthday

We had a really good day on Jackson's birthday. Thanks so much to all of you for your prayers, gifts, letters, and support. I love the quote by President Kimball that says, "God does notice us, and he watches over us, but it is usually through another person that He meets our needs." Heavenly Father is blessing us through all of you. Thanks again for everything!

My parents bought flowers to put on Jackson's grave. We picked sunflowers...they were so bright & fun. They looked perfect on Jackson's little grave.


I wanted to DO something to celebrate Jackson's birthday, so we made cupcakes. I decided on strawberry cake...I figured since that is his dad's favorite kind of cake, then maybe it would have been his as well. :) Since they were pink, I got some sports-themed cupcake wrappers to counteract the "girly" look of them. Hopefully Jackson appreciated that. :) I have to say, my cupcakes didn't turn out looking as good as I'd hoped, but this was my first attempt at making cupcakes. Maybe next time, they will look a little better!

Our eternal family

I am so thankful for our family unit. I feel so privileged that Jackson, Lincoln, & I
have the chance to be together forever. These two boys are the most precious people to me! I am so grateful to have met my husband & son, and I am thankful for the way that they both bless my life.

Mom & Dad at the cemetery

It was so kind of my parents to drive up to Snowflake to support us on this important day. I love them & am grateful for their good examples and the way that they raised me. I know that Jackson is thankful to have them as his grandparents (& Lincoln's parents as well.) We just sat under a tree and talked for a little while at the cemetery. It was a beautiful day.

Messages for Jackson

My dear friend Rebeca, who also had a stillborn baby named Dylan, took balloons to her son's grave on his first birthday. Her & her husband & two kids sent cupcakes and letters "up to heaven" to Dylan. So Lincoln & I decided to send letters "up to heaven" to Jackson as well. My parents, Lincoln & I, and my sister Megan each wrote something. Megan's letter was so sweet. She is truly aware of Jackson being her nephew & the part that he plays in her life. It is so touching for me, as a mother, to see that. Letting go of the balloon with messages to Jackson will be a tradition that Lincoln & I carry on every year with our future children. I really want them to know that they have a brother in heaven waiting for them.

Balloon from Ashley

My friend Ashley Young has been a huge support to me since Jackson died. It's funny, because we were more acquaintances until I had we are good friends. I am grateful that this experience has helped us to become that way. Ashley is one of the most sympathetic and genuine people I know. She brought by a balloon for me to let go of at Jackson's grave, especially from her for Jackson. She constantly reminds me of the fact that I am a mother and that I have little Jackson waiting for me. Thank you so much for helping to bear my burdens Ashley! I love you!